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On Planet K the world is perfect, everybody has jobs, food to eat, a roof over their head and fabulous clothing to wear!  Yeah right... you say... just another delusional consultant who wants to charge a fortune for common sense.  Well common sense is not common, and one is not always sure about what you do not know and maybe there is a more functional way of going about.  In order for the world to be perfect, we need to start somewhere and here is a good place.  Please click on the icon for Planet Kay to access the list of business and personal services rendered and on the icon for Payroll Buddy for payroll solutions.  Please note that my aim is to encourage individuals and small business to reach their potential and to grow without any mumbo jumbo and 'feel-good' recitals.  The aim is production and progress not glowing in the dark.  While there is room for all approaches and one must certainly incorporate all that is required to achieve your aim, I believe in a common sense approach. Looking forward to hearing from you.