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Terms and Conditions Recruitment




On receipt of the job specification, via e-mail, fax or personally handed over, it is understood the Client agrees to the following:


  • A consultation fee of equal to one month’s salary, which will be staggered in three payments, is payable. The first 1/3 is due when the applicant accept the job as offered by the Client, and all paperwork is completed.  The second third is payable on starting date of placement and the balance payable after 3 months when the applicant proved their mettle.

  • A contingency fee of R500 is charged upfront to cover advertising and telephone expenses.  This amount will be invoiced on receipt of the job specification.  This is to ensure the Client is serious about this position and the consultant does not spend time and money, working on a position which then falls away

  • Non-payment of the consultation fee will not result in any legal action.  Planet Kay (Pty) Ltd believes in karma.

  • Assessments only is charged out at R350 per assessment per candidate, with a report - Candidates who wishes to have the result of the assessment may obtain it at R350.

  • The Client may also opt to pay a contingency fee of R5000-00 per month over a selected period of 6 – 12 months, which option will then not attract any other fees, and will ensure a dedicated service inclusive of employee soft skill training, where requested.



Other services are priced according to the project, time spent and needs of the client.  There is no one price fits all.  With regards business services the aim is to keep it affordable to ensure small and medium business can grow and prosper.  If you have a business, I have a business.


General advice session R320 per hour